me22So, Its 10:02 pm Thursday October, 2.  I spend most of today trying to learn how to set up a blog….” Jimini Cricket” I made some progress but still it is so confusing, I almost swallowed a bug in my wine glass just now, anyway, back to my day of trying.  They said ” meaning the people in the YouTube” that I spend all my day watching how to set up the blog and how easy  it is to do it, Really????

They should really come up with  something easier for someone like me who is computer illiterate. I Google it, and to my disappointment the website  I should be on was a YouTube.

“Thanks Google ” I guess they are not  partners with  YouTube, because all the help I found came from YouTube. But Wait I stand collected Google Bought YouTube…..  Funny Mean “Ha” Google with all their billions of people and whom have all our info in their systems, I disappointed in you Google. I know you are watching us with all your million, billion, I am watching you as well, because I matter in your existence. Yes I am a drop in your bucket, but I am a very precious drop just like the rest of the billions.!!!!

Anyway, I will try to finish this tomorrow.