Hello, I am okchu, I started this blog mainly for myself, after ending   26 years of marriage.   I took on the journey  of  finding myself,  rediscovering who I was,  what is it to be ME.  It’s been four years and I am still on that journey.

Life is a wonderful mystery, there are so many twist and turns, ups and downs, but  key is to look deep within those moments when things are hard, very very hard… Because there are lessons life is about to teach you, but only if you are soft and bendable. It’s what we called life lessons, you can’t buy with money nor can you learn from the books or school. You can only learn by living through it.

I also want to share some of my passions, food, fitness, travel, and living….

I know I  am moving at a slugs pace, but it will be worth the wait…..