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Month: September 2016

what if

So often   I am shocked by what I witness in this world.    And I understand why some people couldn’t believe there is a loving God who have created this world. When you see all the evil that is taking place in and around us.

Questioning  How could a  loving  God let all  these evil happens.?????

But, I know there is a God, who gave us the free will to choose. all the chaos that we witness stemmed from our miss use of that freedom. And because He will not interfere with the choices we make, We blame him for not saving us from our own evil.

And everything that has happened  and is happening  all sprout from our greed, pride, and  our hunger for power.

Even if, I am the only one who  believes. I am okay with that.


Second thought

I am thinking about canceling my blog which I have created 2 years ago but having a second thought. I am not sure what I am expecting to get from it but I like the things I have written thus far.

So many things have happen since 2014, my journey has been great and I am still learning and growing. It’s  astonishing to see how much I have change, as if someone has opened my eyes for the first time and very slowly revealing how to be whole.

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