I took a huge step forward and decided to start my  blog. I don’t know anything about blogging nor am I computer savvy according to my youngest son ” I am technologically challenged.”  So I know this will be a very slow journey of learning as I go process.  But what da heck !!!! I got nothing to loss but everything to gain.

After all isn’t that what we call the “life” Oh I know, I will make countless errors in my grammars since English is my second language  that doesn’t mean I am fluent in Korean either my children used to tease me about my inability  to speak Korean , the country I was born and English the country I adopted.

But, this is for me ,so I will take the plunge with all my short comings and move forward with this blog. Who knows what is ahead just around the corner, it maybe  the answer to my endless search, the deepest desires, what my calling is in life…..  I get so annoyed by that question ” Do you know what is your calling in life”   they said we all have a calling in life something  we were born to do…. if that is so WHY am I still struggling to find the answer to that question.  Maybe this is it!!!!!!!

Could it Be????? Anyway. I think I am doing pretty darn good for my first one, so I will stop here for today.