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what if

So often   I am shocked by what I witness in this world.    And I understand why some people couldn’t believe there is a loving God who have created this world. When you see all the evil that is taking place in and around us.

Questioning  How could a  loving  God let all  these evil happens.?????

But, I know there is a God, who gave us the free will to choose. all the chaos that we witness stemmed from our miss use of that freedom. And because He will not interfere with the choices we make, We blame him for not saving us from our own evil.

And everything that has happened  and is happening  all sprout from our greed, pride, and  our hunger for power.

Even if, I am the only one who  believes. I am okay with that.


Second thought

I am thinking about canceling my blog which I have created 2 years ago but having a second thought. I am not sure what I am expecting to get from it but I like the things I have written thus far.

So many things have happen since 2014, my journey has been great and I am still learning and growing. It’s  astonishing to see how much I have change, as if someone has opened my eyes for the first time and very slowly revealing how to be whole.


Hello, I am okchu, I started this blog mainly for myself, after ending   26 years of marriage.   I took on the journey  of  finding myself,  rediscovering who I was,  what is it to be ME.  It’s been four years and I am still on that journey.

Life is a wonderful mystery, there are so many twist and turns, ups and downs, but  key is to look deep within those moments when things are hard, very very hard… Because there are lessons life is about to teach you, but only if you are soft and bendable. It’s what we called life lessons, you can’t buy with money nor can you learn from the books or school. You can only learn by living through it.

I also want to share some of my passions, food, fitness, travel, and living….

I know I  am moving at a slugs pace, but it will be worth the wait…..

Facing what is,

me18It was a hard hard journey, my divorce….

I was reading through my journal  and found this….

”  There are circumstances that must shatter you; and if you are not shattered, than you have not understood your circumstances.

In such circumstances, it is a failure for your heart not to break. And it is pointless to put up a fight, for a fight will blind you to the opportunity that has been presented by your misfortune.

Do you wish to persevere pridefully in the old life?  of course you do; the old life was a good life. But it is no longer available to you. It has been carried away, irreversibly.

So there is only one thing to be done. Transformation must be met with transformation. Where there was the old life, let there be the new life.

Do not persevere. Dignify  the shock. Sink, so as to Rise.”

Leon Wieseltier.

How beautiful and true…It spoke to my soul…..


My second day working on the blog.

me22So, Its 10:02 pm Thursday October, 2.  I spend most of today trying to learn how to set up a blog….” Jimini Cricket” I made some progress but still it is so confusing, I almost swallowed a bug in my wine glass just now, anyway, back to my day of trying.  They said ” meaning the people in the YouTube” that I spend all my day watching how to set up the blog and how easy  it is to do it, Really????

They should really come up with  something easier for someone like me who is computer illiterate. I Google it, and to my disappointment the website  I should be on was a YouTube.

“Thanks Google ” I guess they are not  partners with  YouTube, because all the help I found came from YouTube. But Wait I stand collected Google Bought YouTube…..  Funny Mean “Ha” Google with all their billions of people and whom have all our info in their systems, I disappointed in you Google. I know you are watching us with all your million, billion, I am watching you as well, because I matter in your existence. Yes I am a drop in your bucket, but I am a very precious drop just like the rest of the billions.!!!!

Anyway, I will try to finish this tomorrow.

My very first.

I took a huge step forward and decided to start my  blog. I don’t know anything about blogging nor am I computer savvy according to my youngest son ” I am technologically challenged.”  So I know this will be a very slow journey of learning as I go process.  But what da heck !!!! I got nothing to loss but everything to gain.

After all isn’t that what we call the “life” Oh I know, I will make countless errors in my grammars since English is my second language  that doesn’t mean I am fluent in Korean either my children used to tease me about my inability  to speak Korean , the country I was born and English the country I adopted.

But, this is for me ,so I will take the plunge with all my short comings and move forward with this blog. Who knows what is ahead just around the corner, it maybe  the answer to my endless search, the deepest desires, what my calling is in life…..  I get so annoyed by that question ” Do you know what is your calling in life”   they said we all have a calling in life something  we were born to do…. if that is so WHY am I still struggling to find the answer to that question.  Maybe this is it!!!!!!!

Could it Be????? Anyway. I think I am doing pretty darn good for my first one, so I will stop here for today.

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